Talking to Yourself

I feel lousy way today.”

“Things don’t usually work out for me.”

“I always seem to foul things up eventually.”

This is the self-talk for way, way, too many people and it robs  us of our happiness and fulfillment.

Let me share one idea with you today. Just one.

Become AWARE of negative recurring thought patterns that sabotage and halt our progress.

“Leslie, where do some of these negative recurring thoughts come from?”

Good question.

I don’t have all the answers, though let me share with you an idea.
Be on the watch for negative GENERATIONAL habits and mindsets that have rubbed off on you. (many times you don’t even realize it)

Lack of enthusiasm
Victimization mentality

Most people don’t realize how powerful their environment is throughout their life.

Bring more SELF AWARENESS into your life.

Lift your thoughts. Start thinking more positively about yourself and what you can accomplish.

Negative generational habits that you’ve accepted limit your growth and accomplishments.

You can break them and experience new levels of fulfillment, self respect, and success.

Seek to become a GENERATIONAL SUCCESS. Seek to pass on a great mindset to your colleagues, staff, kids and their kids.

Tell yourself daily that you’re a great person, that GREAT things are about to happen for you.

Start expecting success, every day. In every part of your lives.

Sometimes we can think we’re positive, though our core mindset is negative.

We don’t truly expect to win.

Can you See yourself in your mind SUCCEEDING now?

Stop letting your memory hold you back.

Start using your imagination to break past negative programming.

Start enjoying life more. Increase your enthusiasm for living.

Our mental attitude directs our lives.

Let’s keep improving each day and seek to be the best we can be, you in?

Your Coach & Friend,

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