One Person, One Decision Can Cange Your Life !!!

You have something in common with every single person on this planet and it only takes one person to forever change your life.

Don’t worry.

I have not gone crazy…. well maybe just a little.

Yes, you are unique.

Yes, there is no other human being on this planet with your exact DNA, and life experiences.

Yes, the thoughts in your mind are unlike any other persons thoughts.

While this is all true, I want you to think about an amazing fact.

You have something in common with every person that is living and breathing right now on this big spinning ball we call “Earth.”

It is your understanding of this commonality that all humans have that will forever change the way you think about people.

It is your understanding of this commonality in the human race that will forever change the way you talk to, interact with, and respect people.

The way you love people.

The way you develop friendships that will change your life forever.  

What is this commonality, this sharing of common attributes that all human beings possess?
It is very simple.

Every person that is alive and breathing on this planet at this exact moment has “this” in common with you.

They are all living and breathing and going through the experience we call “LIFE.”

We are all sharing this “LIFE” experience together because we are all “ALIVE RIGHT NOW!”

When someone treats you badly, remember that they are only human, they have faults just like you and me.

Remember that anyone can have a bad day.

Always remember that it is impossible for you to know exactly what is going on in a person’s mind at the exact moment you are interacting with them.

Maybe they lost a loved one recently.

Maybe they just lost their job.

Maybe they on the verge of a divorce.

Always remember that they are struggling to make it through the up and down days of life… JUST LIKE YOU &  ME.

If you make it a habit to remember that they are just trying to be happy and prosperous in life, just trying to make it through another day, you will look at them in a different way.

There will be a huge paradigm shift in your thought patterns. Let me encourage you to embrace a new way of looking at things in 2010!

You should have compassion where none existed before.

You will forgive those you thought you could never forgive.

You will create friendships where a friendship was never possible before.

You will love where you have never loved before.

I want you to look back on your life right now.

Can you identify one person who forever changed your life? (Now, now…. focus on the positive ok!)
Maybe it was a friend who introduced you to your spouse.

Maybe it was a person who gave you advice and encouragement when you needed it most.

Maybe it was a stranger who told you about a company that was hiring, you applied with that company, and got a job that changed your life.

When I was about 16 years old, (yes 13 years ago!) my friend Ravi suggested looking for a job to earn some money for the holidays.

My parents thought I was nuts, but I wanted to earn money for just me, something I did not need to ask them for! They wrote-off this idea and me in an instant! However I had someone that didn’t!

Ravi found in the Straits Times Newspaper  classified ads a job he thought we should apply for ….SALES….it said make lots of $$$!

Out of curiosity I picked up the paper, and began looking as well.

We were young and naive, but enthusiastic.. we found a job description that to  16 year old boys sounded ‘pretty cool’ – “ Huge Potential Holiday Earnings for those with the Right Attitude!” 

He called the company, we went in for the interviews, and we got the job! Yup, it was a door to door sales job for Britanica Encylopedia!

When I came home that Saturday, all excited, I told my mom and dad and now they knew I was crazy for sure!.

They clarified, you are not being paid a salary, no allowance, you are working at night 6pm till 9pm every night and you only make $ if you sell something.. Yup they concluded I was indeed ‘crazy’!
The circling of the job listing started a chain of events that forever changed my life. Ravi was one of the many people that changed my life. Why? He instigated me to do something I would not have done on my own. He believed we could do it! He believed in me! I went out and for the 1st 5 nights in a row, every single night, I sold a set of Britanica! I quit after 5 nights, cause my objective was to earn some holiday cash, and I achieved in a week what most people would earn in a month! I started to understand, ‘Trying,  is something worth doing!’ we cannot succeed if we do not try, and the ‘belief of another individual’ is a powerful tool! Who believes in you? Have you thanked them recently? Who do you believe in? Have you let them know that recently? ( Family, Staff, Friends; all applicable.)

Let me ask you another question.

What if that “ONE” person that was about to provide you with life changing information/ sentence/ word, was having a terrible day on that one fateful day that you met him or her?

Would you have detected the stress in their voice as they talked?

Would you have had empathy for their struggle?

Would you have given them a chance to get beyond their frustration?


Would their attitude on that one day have caused you to distance yourself from them?

Would you have pushed away from a person who may have been the “life changing” domino in your life or vice-versa?

Make it a habit to recognize that EVERYONE is going through this adventure called “LIFE.”

Make it a habit to look into the eyes of people even complete strangers and “SEE” their struggles.

“SEE” their passion.

“SEE” their sorrow.

“SEE” that they, like you, are imperfect, and judge them not. Instead ‘Reach Out & Ignite!’

Take the extra step to help them in their life struggles, someday they may do the same for you or someone else!  

The One Person That “Forever” Changed Your Life

Someday, the person you least expect to change your life will become the one person who starts a change reaction of events that will “FOREVER” change your life.

That person could be waiting around the next corner.

That person might be someone you meet “TODAY.”

Be the “ONE” to push the first domino in a line of 1000′s  of dominos! Do you want to be the “ONE”?

Become the catalyst for change in another person’s life!

Become the person that someone will identify years into the future as the person that started a series of events that made their life infinitely better.  

Become a life changer!

Make it a habit.

It is a habit that will serve us well.

I pray that my words will always leave you in a better place then where you were before they entered your mind.

You  know that we all have people that believe in us, and people whom need to know you believe in them! God has given you tremendous potential and gifts as an individual, use them fruitfully! Expect greatness this year, reach out and ignite greatness in others around you! To me, Investing in people is the most satisfying, gratifying, and worthwhile use of my life. Thank you for being a part of it, let me encourage you to also invest your life into others! Will you join me?

As always, I wish you, my extended family on planet Earth continued Success!!

Leslie Choudhury – Int’l Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Author

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Director – Directive Communication International
Associate Director – ADMC Pte Ltd
CEO – LC International ( BVI)
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