Achieving Goals !!!

In achieving any worthy objective, there must be consistency in the amount of hard work you put in; a day here and there just isn’t going to do it. A week of sustained effort isn’t going to do it either!

So what am I saying?

I’m saying if you want to achieve your goals, you must remain focused on exactly what it is you want.

Starting the process is usually quite easy, especially when you have that initial excitement about a new objective or goal you’ve just set for yourself.

Here are ten ideas to assist you in reaching any goal you care to set:

1) The Right Reasons (personal to you). Doing things for the right reasons is easy; having strong, powerful emotions for reaching your goals will give you the “Get Up and Go” that is needed when things sometimes get tough. If we’re excited and full of enthusiasm for reaching our goals, then the energy and vigour naturally follow. If you don’t have a strong enough reason for doing something, then it becomes more of an effort, requires more discipline, and uses more energy.

2) Think In Ink. Use pen and paper to write down clear, concise goals. When your eyes see your goals written down, it becomes a new permanent picture in your subconscious mind for you to recall any time you choose. 

3) See It, Be It. Visualize what it is you want; feel the strong emotions you associate with your goals — the smells, the tastes, the happiness, the sense of achievement.

4) Say It Loud, Say It Proud. Speak to yourself in positive, present-tense terms. I am, I have, I earn, I do, I can. The more emotion you put into this exercise, the more powerful they become, and the more energy you will feel.

 5) Destination, Station. You can’t travel in the right direction unless you know where to start and exactly where you want to end up. Your route can change in many ways; the journey will almost certainly not be a straight one, so look ahead for the blind corners before you get to them.

 6) Measure Your Treasure. Your goals are something to be treasured; if they’re not, then you probably don’t have “The Right Reasons” in the first place. So measure your progress. You can only adjust your route if you find out where you are; otherwise you will waste a lot of effort to end up a long way from your intended destination.

 7) Peer, Steer. Associate with as many positive, motivated, and focused individuals or groups as you can. Meet with them, talk on the phone, in email, or by fax, or join news groups. Set up your own newsgroups if you can’t find any on your particular goal.

8) Fewer Goals, Fewer Tolls. By this I mean you should concentrate your efforts on just a few goals at any one time. You can have as many goals as you like, but only have a few priority goals to work on at any point. Don’t pay a higher price en route.

9) Pay Every Day. If you have “The Right Reasons,” you already have a powerful driving force to motivate you to do something every single day to move toward your desired goals. Taking action every day means you can break down your BIG goals into small manageable-sized pieces. You wouldn’t try to eat a whole week’s groceries in one meal. So why bite off more than you can chew?

 10) Celebrate and Congratulate. When you achieve milestones, reward yourself and celebrate, even if only in a small way. You’re on the road to overall success, so congratulate yourself on your achievement. The more you do this, the better you will feel; the better you feel, the more likely you are to do it all over again.

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