Team Work – Formula For Success!
Today’s world is full of competition, everyone is trying to out-pace others in the race. Even though almost every person in this race is talented, it has become very hard to survive. In such situation, working in TEAM can help us in achieving our goals. Team work has become immensely important if we wish to achieve what we dream of!

” Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” – Andrew Carnegie

Earlier it was believed that if someone believes in him/herself, works hard, has right attitude and works sincerely, then he/she can achieve almost anything he/she dreams of. For hundreds of years, people have proved it to be true and have become icons of success, they achieved everything they wished to on their own. Today, the situation has changed many folds, today there is competition in every profession, people are trying their level best to beat others in the race of success. Almost every single person in this race is talented and competitive, this increases the competition at certain extent making it hard to survive.

It has become very hard for people to survive in competition, because there is only one top position which everyone dreams of. If you really wish to succeed in life, it becomes very important for you to be perfect in almost everything, this brings down the possibility of you getting successful in competition. In such situations, where success is a critical factor, teamwork can help you. All you need to do is build a team of some individuals to achieve your goals with collective efforts of all the team members. Man is a social animal, who, from thousands of years have been living in groups for the purpose of protection, feeling of togetherness, purpose of food, success etc. If we use this idea with some change in it we surely can achieve what we want, with the input of least efforts.

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.” – Vincent Lombardi

What is a team?

We can say a team is a group of individuals who come closer to work together and achieve a common goal.
What is a teamwork?

Teamwork is a set of activities of group of individuals, which includes effective communication/interaction among the team members which helps in knowledge sharing, understanding each other on personal level, helping others in achieving a level of perfection, building a sense of unity in the team and working towards achievement of common goals.

“A successful team is a group of many hands but of one mind.” – Bill Bethel

Roles and Responsibilities:

Every individual in the team should very well understand that there are certain responsibilities he/she needs to carry out. Every team member’s role is very important in keeping high spirit in team, helping the team in marching ahead on the path of success, helping the team in resolving any problem that can hinder the progress of team etc. Everyone should understand the tasks that he/she needs to carry out in order to ensure smooth operations of the team. Along with this every member should hold him/herself responsible for everything that goes wrong with/within the team and should take necessary steps to avoid such situations.
Common goals and objectives

The reason of bringing the team members together should be clearly defined and should be agreed upon. Every member of the team should be aware of the objectives and common goals that are to be achieved and should always try to achieve the same.

Communication and interaction
This is one of the most point which can help in bringing out a solutions to any problem the team may face. Effective communication is very important, among the team members. Every member should be comfortable with others and should be able to communicate his/her ideas and views effectively to the other team members, this will contribute to the success of the team. Interaction between the team members also helps bringing people close on emotional level. Interaction also helps in creating bonds between the team members and helps the team members to look at the team as a family.

“Too many cooks ruin the food/party!” It is very much sure that every team member in the team possesses a talent pool and can handle a group, but if every team member starts thinking that he/she can lead the team and start taking decisions, it surely will never be in the interest of the team. Instead all the team members should come together and should decide, who can lead the team. This activity demands a fair selection of the person as a team leader and who will lead the team towards success. Although, there will be one team leader who will have decision taking power, he/she should consult the team member before taking any important decision. Every team member should listen to the reasons of decision taken by leader, and leader even should listen to every member’s view and suggestions. A good advise should always be welcome and any doubt should be cleared.

As it is very important to decide one team leader and support his/her decisions, it is also very much important to help every member in the team to improve his/her leadership and decision making qualities. For this, a Round Robin method can be employed where every member should be given an equal opportunity to manage the team and become a leader for a fixed time period. During this time, the leader should try and improve him/herself and the other team members should help him/her in doing so. Remember, one mature brain can help others grow, but more mature brains together can bring prosperity for the team.
“It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” – Napoleon Hill

Trust among team members
The base of the team and its success is the level of trust/belief of team members in each other. If this trust will not be there, the team will never be able to meet the success. Every member should think about the team’s advantage first and then should give a thought for him/herself. If one member is taking any decision regarding the team, he/she should convey the reason to other team members and should take their suggestions. And if someone takes a decision, the other team members should support him/her without doubting him/her.

Besides the above said rules, the success of team also depends on the intellectual level of team members and their understanding.

Remember “No one of us is as strong as ALL of us!”.

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