How to Focus on Goals ?

Each moment and each minute I try to learn something. I wanted to take some time this week and share with you a few things I learnT that can help you reach your goals faster.

 Here’s the first of a few insights.

 * What You See, You Can Pursue.

 Let me explain.

Many times we get excited about an idea or business and then our focus and enthusiasm diminishes after a while. Many times we work on our business, but in hindsight we spend time on the wrong things.  Often, we lose focus because we can’t SEE what we’re pursuing.

We don’t have a physical or mental picture of what we desire.

One of the ways successful people stay so focused and accomplish so much, is by having a few physical reminders about what they and their staff are pursuing around him.

Let me explain.

If you look at the wall and desk of some successful people, you’ll find their personal and company mission statement, his companies annual objectives and his weekly priorities. It’s all right there. They see it all day.

 By seeing it, it helps us stay focused and get things done. 

By seeing it, we minimize wasted time by focusing on what’s important.

This point is so important.

If we can’t ‘SEE’ what we’re after, how will we know where we’re going or what we’re looking to achieve.
 We can’t. Simple but true.

 Can you put your goals in front of you so you can SEE them often?

 Can you read them weekly or even better daily?

 I think this would help your productivity immensely, don’t you?

 One of the reasons why I put together my goals on my laptop, in my car, in my bedroom etc is so that I am constantly ‘seeing’ my goals, reminding myself, staying focussed on what I want to achieve. ‘Making a Vision Board’  either the traditionl way of pasting pictures on a board of what you want to achieve or via a laptop screen saver mode helps you get clear about what you want. We think in pictures, so putting your goals pictorially connects and helps us stay on track, stay focussed on what we want to achieve.

It’s so important.

Think about this.

* What You SEE, You Can Pursue. What you can’t see, you can’t pursue.
The Bible says, ‘Where there is no Vision, people perish.’

Vision is SIGHT.
These simple, but powerful principles can change your life, if you apply them.

It changed mine!

Speak soon!

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