Branding & You !!!

Pepsi-Cola. Nike. Google. Oprah. Michael Jackson. Donald Trump

What success principle do these 6 ‘entities’ use that can quickly help you build your business?

I’ll answer this question in a second, but first.

Here, check out the ONLY 3 ways to grow a business.

1) Get more customers – ‘customer acquisition’
2) Increase the size of the transaction – ‘upsell’
3) Increase the frequency of purchase per customer

Ok, I know you already got that? Tell me something new! It’s very important we agreed first on the basics. Great. Let’s move forward then….

Here’s a concept that took me a while to ‘get’, but once I did it opened my eyes to great wealth building possibilities.

What do those 6 ‘entities’ have in common?

They’re all their own BRAND.

Yes, whether they’re an individual personality, Example. Oprah, or a company, like Nike, both of them are their own brand and you know who else is?

Yes, you. You should be!!!

I find that most home based entrepreneurs and small business owners don’t realize that they are their own BRAND.

Yes, how people perceive you and your business says a ton about whether they’ll do business with you. (Especially for their 2nd purchase from you.)

Branding is bonding.
Branding is about 1 to 1 relationships.
Branding is about becoming valuable to your target market.
Branding is a feeling perceived when mentioned.
Have you ever thought of yourself as a brand?

I never did growing up, or in my initial years working in the corporate world. Once I struck out on my own I had to. The company you form may be the brand like the examples I mentioned – Nike, Pepsi or Google but then so is individuals like Oprah, Michale Jackson and Donald Trump.

I mentioned the 3 ways to grow a business above because if people like you, trust you, and you help them, you’ll get an increase in all 3 ways.

An increase = more money in your pocket.

One of branding strategies I suggest is sending ‘thank you’ postcards or ‘Happy Birthday’ cards or emails to people in your world.

Yes, it’s a simple strategy but it says a ton about you.

Oprah, Donald Trump, and Nike all know that everything they do helps or hurts their brand and so should all of us.

Ask yourself:

What is my brand?

How would others describe myself and/or my business?

How can I improve my brand?

Look at my website, ,  look at my dressing, even certain words I use (made up even!), sounds, expressions, motions, colour, stories will all be associated with “moi” with that brand called – ‘Leslie Choudhury’.  It’s not ego, it’s about being smart, standing out, making a difference, being remembered.

We should ALL  be concerned about The Brand Called “You” or “Moi”.

If it’s a new idea for you, think about it because it can help you short and long term.

You are Awesome because there is only one “You”.

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