The Power of Doubt

It doesn’t matter what your goals are for the coming months…eventually, you’re going to have days when you doubt yourself.
It may start out small, a thought so tiny and insignificant that you barely give it a glance, or it might smack you right in the face.
That’s when it happens – your momentum stops!

I’ve been there plenty of times. When I started my first business I doubted myself constantly. I was afraid I was going to fall flat on my face, and that my friends and family would laugh at my dream.

I felt like I was all alone, with no one who truly ‘got it’.

But you know what?

Self-doubt is a very human emotion that hits us all at one time or another. But, you CAN’T let those feelings of self-doubt stop you from following your dreams.

If I’d listened to my self-doubts, or the occasional ones still have, then I would still be wishing for more as opposed to enjoying more.

Wanna change your self-doubt into confidence…

Next time you experience doubt, write it down on a piece of paper. Then, on the other side of the paper, write down the complete opposite.

I promise it’ll make you feel amazing…

If you doubt that you’ll ever find a way to leave your dreary job, which takes too much time away from your family and your health.

Then write down: “I’m not sure I’m ever going to be able to leave my job.”

Then, write down the exact opposite on the other side of the page.

“I’m GOING to start my own home business so I have the freedom to spend more time with my family.”
See the difference?

That second sentence is full of life and power and DOING. You’re saying you WILL do this. Not you’re going to try, or you might do it. You WILL do it. And writing it down strengthens your drive.

Listen, it doesn’t matter WHAT your dreams are…YOU have the power within you to accomplish them.

Keep Moving Forward!

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