Quality of Life depends on....

Who you spend time with impacts on your quality of life! Examine the scope and influences that impact your life. This includes who you listen to, who you learn from, the books you read and TV programs you watch.
Your future will be the same as your past unless you examine your quality of life. By this I’m not referring to the place you live, car you drive the chattels you’ve gathered or the stocks and shares you have accumulated.
To examine your quality of life, listen to your body.
Is your thinking excessive?
Does your body carry anxiety?
Do you have harmony in your heart?
*There are times when we feel little flutters in our tummy. These little flutters are usually short term and relate to good stress, eustress, the definition of stress given by endocrinologist Dr Hans Seyle, for the stress evoked by any positive emotion or event.

Good stress refers to healthy and/or fulfilling arousal! The thought or sound of that ‘special someone’, preparing for a long awaited special event, watching your favourite sports team...
If your past has not been as harmonious as you desired, honestly examine the capacities and influences that impacted your life and of the energies that are still influencing your life choices.
I have mentors some of which are no longer living but their influence still has a positive radiating effect on my life. On the other hand, there are those whose lives and life choices impacted our lives negatively and it is to these we need to address decisions if our future is to be different to our past.
Consciously and unconsciously negative influences are contributing factors to distress. Distress is not healthy, the list of diseases related to stress is long and scientific research adds on a regular basis more mental and physical diseases to this list. Examples of stress related diseases are depression, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, sexual dysfunction…sadly the list is large.
Whether distress be covert or overt it has the power, silent or otherwise, to put people into a depressed, ineffective mode. Unless ‘nipped in the bud’ this behaviour can have a crippling effect on the once healthy body.
Distress often stays in an alert state much longer and for this reason researchers refer to this state as the fight or flight response. Unaddressed becomes the foundation for disease.
If while reading you have identified contributing factors to distress, what are you willing to change? Some may say, there is nothing I can do. This dear reader is another subject for another time – it is called ‘helplessness’.
“Change brings opportunity.” Nido Quebein.
It takes courage to change but change brings new opportunity, better health and brighter tomorrows. So whatever it is that you have been promising yourself to do, make a decision and do it now!

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