Power of Encouragement !!!

We all need to find someone to encourage. Of all the gifts you possess truly one of the greatest is the ability to build up and help another person to do the best they can, or be the best they can.

An interesting thing happens when you give of this special gift — much in the same way a magnet works, you begin to pull into your life people, opportunities and life experiences of a positive nature. I am living proof of this.
To better understand this, consider the wise words which state simply, yet profoundly: “You reap what you sow”. In short, what you put out to the world makes its way back to you. My friends, if you’ll concede that there’s truth in that wouldn’t it make sense to be proactive when it comes to looking for ways to encourage others? I think so! I will leave the sharing of this,  to another blog soon. For now I just want to focus on the power of encouragement.

I remember years ago, when I took part in a skit and took on the role of the voice of God. I never appeared on stage, just a microphone behind stage, whilst others played the scene Abraham sacrificing Isacc on stage. The skit was hilarious, as we had a fat boy of 17 years old playing the role of baby  Isaac, which drew tremendous laughter from the crowd. However at the end of the skit, a lady doctor named Nam Fong made her way back stage to satisfy what she was curious about? She wanted to know whom was the voice of God? On finding out it was me she headed my direction and said, ” Leslie, God has given you a gift with that voice, use it wisely and well !” I sheepishly thanked her but was quite taken aback at her words.

Years down the road when I changed career paths and embarked on the road to being a trainer and speaker, these words flooded my mind. They were a source of such power and encouragement despite the fact it was mentioned to me many many moons ago. As humans we remember both hurtful and encouraging things said in the past like it was said yesterday.

Going forward begin to look at your life as though you are an artist with the ability to paint on your canvas a magnificent masterpiece. While this in itself is incredible — consider that you also have the added advantage of literally being able to start a new work of art at will.

In the moment you find yourself on a path which doesn’t serve you, you can choose to course correct. You have the ability to succeed at whatever you desire. Let go of the broken idea that it has to happen overnight in order to be deemed a success.

Take joy in your achievement journey, knowing that as long as you stay in the game, and allow yourself to learn the lessons which can be gleaned from any challenges which may pop up along the way you will reach your intended destination. When I first started speaking, I was paid $50 an hour, then $75 then $100 but today I command a speaking fee of $7,000 an hour. If you haven’t already please listen to a song by Miley Cyrus called ‘The Climb’. 

This song is my theme song for this year 2011. The song has the words : ” I can almost see it, that dream I’m dreaming, But there’s a voice inside my head saying you’ll never reach it “  W all have doubts, but its moments like those where words of encouragement can sweep us up, as they have for me.  The song goes on with; ” There is always gonna be an another mountain, I’m always gonna want to make it move , always gonna be an uphill battle, sometime I’m gonna have to lose, ain’t about how fast we get there, aint whats waiting on the other side……its the Climb.” 

Life is a journey, its a climb its sometimes pretty tough for you and for me. What will make that journey that much easier, that much sweeter, that much more energized is the power we get from …’encouragement’. Remember encouragement is a 2 way street, starts with us taking up opportunities to do so with others and like a boomarang it will come right back at you.

You were made for greatness — see it, live it, be it. Be an encouragement today and everyday with someone; with a willingness to let your gifts and talents flow and Iassure you it will come right back at you.
Late last year, I spoke in Mauritius at a Sales Conference with several international speakers. The main draw speaker was not me, he was a speaker from the USA with more than 12 books under his belt, many of them best sellers with more than a million copies sold of each. He spoke with authority but somehow somewhat down at people. He still got applause. I spoke with the poeple, bared myself (not literally) and tried to encourage them that if someone like me could make it then even more so could of any of them! When the end of my final speech came, I got a standing ovation, no other speaker got not even the main draw. It brought tears to my eyes !  When you encourage people, it comes back ten fold !!!

Have an Awesome week !!!


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