Principles for Success

People are not born successful.

They work hard and are extremely focused and persistent. Successful people take calculated risks and solve their problems creatively. Some of the characteristics that most successful people have in common are:

  1.  Emotional Intelligence.
  Most great people are somewhat intelligent–but not in every subject. They specialize. They simply have well-develop intelligence in the areas or fields they have chosen to pursue. It is said that IQ will get you hired in a job, but EQ will either get you promoted or the lack of it will get you fired! When you can learn to respond with both your heart and head then it is advantage. Great people know what makes another ‘tick’ both in the head and in their heart!

2. Practice.
Almost all-great people have spent many years practicing their particular talents. Mistakes must be made, new solutions discovered, and difficult situations endured. Nobody great , in sports or business got good without practice! David Beckham in his deadly free-kicks, or Tiger Woods (see picture) in his record Golf PGA wins, Donald Trump in his real estate success, or even Tony Robbins in his motivation business! Nothing great can be achieved without practice.

3.  Leadership.
Many successful people have a tremendous amount of hands-on experience dealing with people or structuring an organization. The bible says “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  Today in order to achieve success, we must be willing to lead, to take leadership, to share your vision and get people behind you, your idea, your product and your service.

4. Energy.

They’re very active and involved in their particular work. Their high activity levels spring partly from tremendous enthusiasm and excitement for the things they are doing. ‘Enthusiasm begets Enthusiasm!’ No one achieves success by dragging their feet across the finish line. If we want to achieve success we must inspire others to be as interested, as energetic, as enthused as we are. People are swayed by another’s energy and enthusiasm.

5.  Concentration or Focus.
Their work really excites them–so much so that they become unaware of everything else. Look at Roger Federer in tennis, Steve Jobs in Apple, they get so stuck in what they want to achieve, so focussed on the outcome that  they achieve their goals.

6.  Determination.
They develop senses of destiny. They believe that they have major purposes. They can’t imagine themselves failing. When they suffer setbacks, they view them as part of the learning process on the road to greatness.

7. Survival Skills.
Many have suffered traumatic experiences early in life such as sickness, loneliness, or poverty. Such experiences helped them develop their robustness and persistence. People who can’t cope with failure are not likely to succeed. Donald Trump failed many times as did many, many others. Falling down is common, I have and so have you. What matters most is picking yourself up and finding a new way to survive and succeed!

 9.  Letting experience teach them.
They learn from life’s experiences by making a conscious effort to do so. Many people get caught up in what or who is right or wrong instead of looking at the lesson that can be learned from the experience. And life is full of lessons. From the time we come out of the womb to the day we die, we are learning what life has to offer us, lesson after lesson. The key is to take the experiences-those everyday occurrences in life-and use them to change and grow. That’s what life is all really-change. The only real constant in this life is that things and people change. Inspired by experience, change is all around.

We can all benefit by watching successful people. But the knowledge that each of us has the potential to be successful should be foremost in our minds as we proceed in life. Each of us has a unique ability or talent that can be developed. Believe in yourself and know yourself. These two qualities serve as a foundation for the other characteristics great people exhibit.
Start Today ….Know Yourself…. Believe in Yourself !

See It, Be It, Live It !!!

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